Deadlands 2016 @ Mika's

New guns and betrayal

with bonus murder-hobo.

We decided to head to Gunville, Arkansaw to find Shojo Masamune, the legendary magic gunsmith. Once we arrived we noticed a Wulfe airship in the distance. We wasted a little time at a gun shop that turned out to be filled with nothing but junk. I ask about, and make my way to Frederik’s shiny gun store. I purchase myself a shiny new Winchester 78 rifle, with a modified scope. It makes me feel better to hold it, the worries of recent days seem to melt away when I look through the scope. I also get a heap of special magnum ammo for it.

It’s definitely going to help me with what I’ve decided I have to do.

I then headed to a saloon with Nakomi and we both got to drinking. Everyone else headed to speak to Shojo. He asked for some assistance with his business.

Elric tried to break in to his own families business, and met with his brother. He tried to help connect Shojo with the Wulfe family business.

Nakomi decided to try her hand at gambling, and somehow ended up murdering a guy with magic. The law arrived, trying to figure things out. Elric’s brother got them to leave.

At this point I’d drank so much, I passed out, but the following was told to me later;

Elric decided to leave, like a cowardly, deserting scumbag. We had business together and he left me all alone. If I hadn’t gotten drunk.. I’ve been struggling to deal with recent events. Elric was my rock, my solidarity, I could talk to him and he would always be there. He seemed to understand, and was always there to help. Until he left, for selfish, petty reasons. Abandoning all of our shared goals, dreams and commitments.

My goals have now changed.

Wulfe and Shojo go in to business.

During the night there was a fuss, some hobo was being attacked by townsfolk, the others helped him out even though he murdered one of them and apparently has a drug addiction.

We then headed off, with the goal of spending some leisure time on a pleasure boat. The hobo was joining us, for some reason I don’t care to understand.