Deadlands 2016 @ Mika's

Is this a duel or a free for all?

And some things I didn't know I was capable of..

Elric began to dissect the rattler corpse whilst the rest of us prepared for the upcoming duel. I noticed a face I’d thought that I would never see again.. one of the people responsible for the death of my Father. I had Nakomi track him to his tent, for later. Raft prepared for his duel with Dr Fortune.

Elric went to fix up the mines.

Hades attempted to get Dr Fortune drunk, so the duel would most likely go Raft’s way.

I helped Nakomi break Dr Jameson out from his imprisonment by distracting the guard.

Once the duel began, it became apparent that Elric had set a dynamite trap underneath the spot Dr Fortune was to stand under, somehow, she survived the blast and shots were fired.

Raft took a pile of bullets, and was incapacitated despite the best efforts of Hades’ and Elric. Hades healed both duel participants with potions.. for a fee.

Jameson was escaping on a horse. One that wasn’t on fire, fortunately.

I asked Elric for help catching one of the horrible creatures from the mines.

Raft, Nakomi and Hades headed back to town.

I and Elric kidnapped the guy I saw earlier, his name was Lazarus. We took him out in to the wilderness.

I don’t think the rest of the day needs to go in this journal.

I should be on the lookout for Jamie Cadwell, Doc Brown, and Jessie Claxton. They were the people who killed my father. Jessie was the main instigator.

We all met up in town, and took the train out the next day.