Deadlands 2016 @ Mika's

I want to kill this Elric

and set fire to his corpse before stamping on it

After the proceedings at the party, Elric was taken ill. It seems to have taken a lot out of him to have that new arm attached.

The next day, 2 strange men approached us, Mr Jones and Mr Smith. They sounded Scottish. They had a discreet job to offer us, having heard of us due to our ever improving reputation. Improving?


The job had something to do with another version of Lawrence, something similar to the quantum parallel dimension thing Mr Persons has going on. Because we are sane individuals, we agreed. Next thing I knew, a bright flash of white light took over my senses and I was on a stagecoach with the others. I was certain that I was already in Lawrence, but now we were approaching it by stagecoach.

Our mission was to keep Elric safe. Not our Elric but Paralelric. This version of the universe has it’s own versions of certain people apparently..

I felt a bit lost, so did what time with Hades and Elric have taught me to do- I just shrugged and went with it. We were given a little gauge thingy to track how much of the timeline we had changed, because that is also now a thing.

This version of Lawrence was a lot smaller, it didn’t have the university and was most definitely more old fashioned. Frontier style. We head to what appears to be an engineering shop. The owner tells us that some German engineer guy lives to the east.

We head out in that direction and come across an old farm. We meet what appears to be Elric inside. He looks a little different, as if he was our-Elric‘s twin brother. I couldn’t quite place my finger on it. This version of Elric was not fond of weapons, he was in to “aetheric science”. I wanted to put my head in a trough. This place is weird.

Paralelric says there is a cattle baron attempting to buy out his land, and he fears force for not complying. Raft heads out to check the area and I set up on top of a windmill. I didn’t say this, but it was mostly to get away from the nonsense I seem to have found myself a party to. It was a lovely little spot to collect my thoughts and take in some peace and quiet.

At the scheduled time, the cattle baron and his goons attacked. Myself and Raft opened fire, taking a chunk of them out before they even got close. I took my time, and aimed directly for the leader. I blew a hole clean through his head. The rest of the attackers fled. Nakomi later healed the guy to try and talk to him, but that was fruitless so she bashed his skull in.

We then head out to the local saloon. We took Paralelric with us. It turns out, this version of Elric is incredibly annoying. Every time he opens his mouth I want to shoot him in it. Not only is he annoying, but he’s as inept as a drunk badger trying to fly a plane during a windstorm on christmas night, with a blindfold and no arms.

I hope none of this negativity finds itself transferred on to our Elric.. hm..

Nakomi beats some guy, Dicky, at arm wrestling. He then challenges Raft to a duel, which Raft wins with ease, disarming the poor fool.

I beat Nakomi in a drinking contest.

Dicky ran off, having lost at just about everything he tried competing at.

A strange priest bust in to the saloon, claiming it was time for a lottery. A lottery it turns out, in which the winner gets murdered by a magical ghost train in the same fashion as Urias Thornden over in our universe. Hades’ fixed the results with his magic, and Dicky was sacrificed, handy, as his mother was a major crime figure in town and would have wanted to kill Paralelric otherwise.

Me and Nakomi took Paralelric home. He nearly killed himself just climbing up the stairs.

I want him to die.

I want to crush his skull with my rifle.

I want to shoot him with my pistol.

I want to stab him with my knife.

I want to push him out the window.

I want to hire a train, tie him to the tracks, and run him over.

I want to force him to choose between auto-erotic asphyxiation and dynamite up the ass.

These thoughts are so out of character for me. I don’t know why I’m having them.

I just really want to kill this Elric.

I want my Elric back.

(We then headed home, mission complete. Apparently there’s a rogue person in the time stream screwing things up.)