Deadlands 2016 @ Mika's

Giant worms, handfuls of nope

and the return of Elric

Just as we were about to head in to the caves, Elric arrived. He had made his own way here after recovering from his sickness.

We made our way in to the caves and came across a strange stone column that looked to be some kind of altar. It seemed to have been brushed over by Dr Fortune’s group. We were then set about by the horrific little creates that we had seen outside, but we made short work of them. At least I don’t think anyone’s pregnant with demon dinosaur babies.

We later came across a rather smooth tunnel that looked like, according to Raft, it had been made by rattlers. Elric blocked it off with explosives. We didn’t die. The ground kept rumbling after this.. like something was underneath us. We fought off another attack by the smaller creatures. Helped mostly by Raft, shooting his lantern in mid air to cause the fire to scare them off.

Further in to the caverns we find the current dig spot, and begin to brush away at it, soon coming across another perfectly preserved dinosaur skeleton. We hoisted it in to a mine-cart and covered it with sheets before moving it out of the mine shaft.

Once outside, we were met by Dr Fortune. She didn’t seem to believe our stories about what we were doing in the mine. Raft challenged her to a duel but..

It was interrupted by an enormous rattler worm attack! Along with what seemed to be it’s young. Dr Fortune and her group joined us in killing the giant beast.. an alliance I expect to be short lived.