Deadlands 2016 @ Mika's

Demon boats

and an unwinnable situation

((Mild confusion here as I was mostly absent last session))

The party we were at was beginning to wind down. I decided to go see how this demon boat was powered, as something so infernal couldn’t simply be left alone, surely? People selling their souls for poker chips? Demons running the boat as it runs along a parallel dimension?

I found out that the boat was powered by body parts, and damned souls did all the work.

Keeping my sanity during events was a serious effort. The 3 Pinkertons from before were on the boat to guard some guy, who turned up dead during the night. Professor Lindman was here for the poker tournament, as her gambling winnings funded the University, this wasn’t her first time.

Most of our group were playing in the poker tournament, myself and Raft excluded. I went to scout the ship again later, at times with Nakomi or Raft to aid me. I found some weaknesses to the ship, however it was almost certain we wouldn’t be able to deal with it’s captain, Mr Scratch. I had to accept this was a situation we could not win, the demon boat would continue it’s route and continue to take new souls from it’s victims.

Trying to keep busy, I entered the shooting tournament, I don’t feel like describing events. I decided there were no souls on this boat that were innocent. I won the tournament. Hades’ won the poker tournament, and is now rich enough to own at least three towns.

We left the boat in New Orleans. Although we had only been on the boat a few days, and it should be 18/9/79, it seemed to be.. thanksgiving?