Deadlands 2016 @ Mika's

Sausage rolls

and science erections

Our stupid train arrived late! On today of all days. I had almost no time left to get ready for the party. Don’t these people understand how long it takes to get ready? There’s the bath, the shaving, and then the makeup and the laboriously intricate outfit!

I am reminded why I usually don’t bother with these things.

The first thing we noticed upon our arrival in Lawrence, Kansas is.. well, Mr Persons should really be called Mr People. There were.. a lot of him around. He met us at the station, and he was also our stagecoach driver.. He took us to a huge University building made out of wooden planks, as if it were actually some kind of art installation designed to look like a real University from England. The whole town looks like some kind of frontier town.. despite the University, it doesn’t really look too developed. I thought these guys were all scientists.

We met the Dean, who it turns out has been our employer all along. I am a little saddened by this development. I felt like we were doing serious work and now I’m not so sure. His name is Rockwell Chronister. A rather cheery little man. He invited us because he has a team of psychics, who suspect the party is going to be attacked. He had some of his faculty institute a magical field around the University that prevents guns from working. This was absolutely the worst idea in the history of ideas, actually scrat that, Elric has come up with worse.

Why was I even here! Without my rifle I’m just a woman with no fighting prowess and a bum leg. I should have just gone to the saloon for the night instead. Ah well, hindsight.

Apparently all the Mr Persons were popping about due to some quantum experiment going wrong in the quantum lab. Whatever that means.

There were rather a lot of members on staff. The names I managed to take were;

Dr Lovegood – Cybernetics professor
Dr Rachel Harold – Quantum Physicist
Dr Hawkmire – Defense against the dark arts professor and creator of the anti-gun field
Dr Livingstone – Anthropologist
Dr Lindman – Gambler, I don’t know what her actual job title is.
Dr Akage – Studies cheese, or something.

Raft, Nakomi and Hades went to talk to Dr Hawkmire about the anti gun field. Hades I am told knew this Hawkmire guy, from his childhood.

I was too busy getting ready for the party to keep up with most of the goings on.

The time for the party came about quickly.

Elric went to speak to Dr Lovegood, he was trying to get one of his arms replaced with a mechanical version. I think Dr Lovegood was capable of doing this, Elric seemed very… excited.

I took Nakomi’s hand and led her through the party. I wasn’t exactly well educated in how to act in these matters but I seemed to know more about it than she did. I drew rather a lot of attention in my dress, as I often seem to. I have a good fashion sense.

We engaged in small talk with various people, and faculty members as we drifted about. Dr Lovegood made me uncomfortable with all her patronizing speech about tribal matters and horses.

Chancellor Steinmeyer soon arrived to the party. (This was the guy who was shot in the psychics visions.)

The Chancellor mentioned to us something about “Those who know” as a group of people the wizard we had fought likely belonged to. A group of guys focused on magical things. Apparently a group called “The brass order”, who loved science, had been trying to poach scientists from the faculty staff.

I found a side table topped with the BEST sausage rolls.

I think Hades and Elric were fighting Dr Hawkmire in the side rooms, or something. I didn’t follow, and they haven’t really told me the whole story.

Those sausage rolls. I want the recipe. Did I tell you about the cherry cake? I think I gained 5 pounds in one night.

Worth it.

At some point here, Elric left to have his entire arm replaced with a mechanical monstrosity.

This was a thing that happened.


In reality.


I’m not joking.

A mechanical arm.

And he WANTED it.

A little later in to the party, Elric had returned with Dr Lovegood. The lights all went out. (Did I mention the lights were electric? No? Well they were and it was pretty cool!) And we noticed some guys sneaking in under the cover of darkness, dressed in dark cloth and wielding blades.


I TOLD THEM that an anti-gun field was stupid. I want a pay rise.

Everyone else dealt with the ninja guys real quick. I just fumbled around and ruined a stack of sausage rolls. And got stabbed.

I love Nakomi. She makes everything better.