Deadlands 2016 @ Mika's

Spiders on a train

And the dangers of being innocent

Me and Elric had made our way to Dodge city. Apparently some guy was hiring us to do some work, and “some guy” is all we really knew about him. Elric thought it was a great opportunity to both find out more about the supernatural and to earn some cash. Not sure why just yet.

We met our new asssociates there, a strange looking man by the name of Hades Aurumvale who seems to have an obsession with cards, and a rather shady looking man who claims to work for the agency.. Jackson Sawyer. I’m not really sure what I think of them.

The telegraph with our orders on read as follows;

Western Union
A map is being transported on B.I. express to Denver. STOP. Imperative you retrieve it. STOP. Map being carried by courier, identity unknown. STOP. Expect resistance. STOP. Discretion encouraged. STOP. Await further instructions in Denver. STOP.

So with that, we set out. We boarded the train at the station, after loading our horses in to the rear storage compartments and ensuring that out weapons, which had lawfully been withheld, were also on board for later retrieval.

We relaxed for about 10 minutes, until we were out of city limits and then myself and Jackson split off to go and collect our weapons with the goal of scouting the train carriages out for any signs of this map. I believe Elric and Hades went off to play cards, or something. I guess we can’t all be productive. I think they managed to piss off some french guy called Pierre by beating him.

There was a guard at the weapons storage, I pretended that I had lost my tickets in order to get him to allow us inside and continued to keep him occupied with pointless questions and requests as Jackson searched the carriage, but we found no signs of any map. So we left.

As I made my way back towards our seats, I heard the sound of the train being robbed as armed men began to sweep through the train, I noticed Hades and pulled him back in to my carriage for safety where we lay in wait, ready to defend ourselves. They waltzed in to our little trap without any forethought, I instantly took a life with a clean shot. Unfortunately there were civilians here, that didn’t quite know how things work in this situation and got caught by stray bullets.

It was here I witnessed Hades unique and curious powers, he seemed to throw a deck of cards at the bandits and they simply eviscerated everything they came in contact with, destroying the side wall of the train along with another bystander. At least they managed to take out some of the bandits. I finished the last guy off with another neat, clean shot. I’m not sure I’m too keen of Hades’ messy approach. Learn to aim, would be great advice!

At this point I heard sounds further down the train, towards where Jackson was. I later found out he was under attack by strange, clockwork machinations in the form of spiders. I think he had it under control. Although, the train connections were severed and the storage area was now slowly slipping away, separated from the rest of the train.. our poor horses included.

The bandits we had taken out weren’t the only ones, however. I decided to retreat towards Jackson and Hades initially followed. Turns out he had lost his gun after Elric threw it to him earlier. He made the ridiculous decision to head TOWARDS the bandits to go and retrieve it. Aided by some kind of magical card whirlwind. As I expected, this got him seriously wounded when the bandits burst through the doors and clipped him with bullets. I had no choice but to drop in cover and try to help, taking a couple out with clean shots.

It was here I heard the screams of a child from the next carriage. I later found out that somehow, a child had her face melted off by the clockwork spiders and that it was totally unavoidable. Elric and Jackson were still in there fighting. I took a stray bullet in my arm, it stung like a bitch, I didn’t have time to deal with it then and there, I’d have to hold out until it was safe.

Things then got confusing, as a few new guys burst in to the carriage I was in from behind, tearing a path straight forwards with the speed and agility of a horse on race day. The lead guy only succeeded in taking friendly fire, his so called ally caught him with a bullet square in the back of his head. As he stood there, stunned, Hades convinced him to give up his efforts and leave, having screwed up so badly. Turns out, the guy who was shot had a map on him, hopefully the one we were hired to find.. this job already seems too messy for my liking, I wonder how much of this bloodshed could have been avoided? Ah well, I guess that’s just the west for you.

PTO (Session end)



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