A reasonably large city we traveled through after being sent to retrieve a mysterious map.


Black River Station

The main rail station for Denver.

Union Blue

A major railroad company.

Hobarth Ironmongers

Ran by Ma Hobarth, these ironmongers provide a great deal of the work needed in Denver. They recently created some ghost steel railings for Stjon Thornden, which have been the targets of theft.

Saddletank Saloon

An absolute dive bar, frequented by weird train enthusiasts.. and not friendly to those who aren’t. May have secrets hidden within.

#10 Saloon

A reasonably mid-range saloon, where Ned Grayson had been staying. The barstaff were friendly enough.

“The fancy hotel”

The hotel we tend to stay at in Denver. It’s name befits it’s status.

Bella Union

A small bar where we tracked down Pierre.

Depot 512.

A large warehouse, which essentially contains a train graveyard, where we found the strange blood magic map and the blood stained train. Also where we fought a trainbot that nearly killed me.

“The Southern Belle”

Another fancy hotel, fit for only the richest. This is where Urias Thornden was staying.


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