Deadlands 2016 @ Mika's

We see dead people

And we abuse them

Hades and Raft seemed to be going a little.. crazy. They were trying to intimidate a corpse. The corpse Elric had just been arrested for interfering with.. Yup. Crazy.

The dead woman’s mother arrived, her name was Eugene. She was very upset about what we, sorry -everyone apart from myself and Nakomi. were doing/had done to her daughter. The Doctor arrived also, and Nakomi helped him move the corpse to his office. Hades went off to the saloon, for gambling I presume.

I talked my way in to staying the night with the corpse – to be sure beyond all doubt that it was not a vampire. I assisted the Doctor (Doctor Delaney) with the autopsy.. nothing out of the ordinary happened.

I also found the opportunity to rummage through some previous case files about other victims of Jesiah. There were lots of cases where people had traits that could have made them seem unnatural to a lunatic. Hairiness, pointy teeth etcetera. The autopsies didn’t really make these clear, it could have been supernatural.. but it also may not have been.

Maxine Truth arrived in town the next morning. She prefers to be called Max. She was asking an awful lot of questions about Denver and the blood magic circle Elric accidentally used. We tried to cover for him.

Hades and Elric apparently had some grand plan to expose Eugene to sunlight to see if she was a vampire. Apparently, according to that hypothesis, she is not.

We went to speak to Jesiah again. He was still adamant that the goggles were real, and stated that a “wizard” gave them to him. We managed to get the Sheriff to understand the situation by allowing him to try the goggles on.

Outside, we bumped in to Mr Persons. He says our employer wants to meet us and he has invited us to a faculty ball in Kansas.

Somehow, Jesiah was able to kill himself as a gunshot was heard.. no gun was ever retrieved though. I wonder where Raft was?

We boarded the train for Kansas.



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