Deadlands 2016 @ Mika's

Gotta catch 'em all

and then kill them

We left the mansion and headed back in to town. As we were leaving the local saloon, some weird old guy approached us. He looked kinda like a wizard out of those old stories. He knew we had the magical vane thing and wanted to buy it. We refused. Well, Hades tried to get a good price for it, first.. I’m growing a little tired of his personality, being honest. Maybe Elric and I should branch out on our own again. Nakomi could come, she’s awesome.

Wizard turned out to be a pretty apt description as the old guy didn’t take no for an answer.. he threw some shells on the ground and somehow called forth more zombies. I don’t think he knew how experienced we are in this area. We dealt with them pretty easily and he teleported away.

Nearly a week passed. Our stagecoach arrived to take us back to Traverse City.

Whilst in town, we saw the sheriff dragging a criminal along towards the jail cells. A crowd had gathered which Elric managed to disperse. We followed them to the jail.

The criminal in question is called Jesiah Black. We claimed to be working on his behalf so that we could speak with him. He was in jail for multiple murders. The most recent being on Beaumont street. He claims they were all vampires, werewolves and other creatures. He is supposedly a monster hunter. He said that he has some goggles that reveal the true nature of people to him. He also claimed to have a wagon filled with gadgets and equipment out on the edges of town.

We took the goggles from the evidence box, after some sweet talking with the sheriff. They definitely have some weird magic spell on them, they make everything gross and distorted and people certainly look monstrous under them.. according to Elric.

We headed out to the wagon, and disarmed a few traps that had been left on it. Hades found a bestiary of the creatures Jesiah had been hunting. Elric found a stake launcher and decided it was appropriate to test it on a healthy horse. Man needs a smack.

We then made our way to Beaumont Street in Traverse City. We convinced the guard to let us in to investigate the murder scene of the young woman. Well, Elric did most of the investigating. The body was exceptionally pale, with garlic stuffed down her throat. It didn’t make much sense to me that a vampire could be taken by surprise, as it seemed this person had been. Maybe she wasn’t one? Once Elric started cutting things and dripping blood in to the body, he soon found himself arrested.



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